Nov. 1967

Large-scale computer center completed at Katahira Campus

Dec. 1994

Center moved from Katahira Campus to Aobayama Campus

Apr. 2001

Reorganized as the Information Synergy Center

Apr. 2006

Reorganized as Information Synergy Center of the Information Synergy Organization

Apr. 2008

Reorganized as CyberScience Center

Mar. 2009

StarTAINS operation started

Jun. 2009

Authorized as a Joint Usage/Research Center for Interdisciplinary Large-Scale Information Infrastructures

Mar. 2010

Exhibition room is accredited as a Satellite Museum of the Historical Computers by the Information Processing Society of Japan

Nov. 2014

Construction of CyberScience Center Building 2 completed

Oct. 2020

Supercomputer AOBA begins operations

Jan. 2022

Research and Development Department reorganized